A History of North Omaha’s Miller Park

The Miller Park in North Omaha has a long history. There is no single right way to write about it, and if, after you're done reading this entire article, you disagree with the way I've written this history, I invite you to write your own version. This is a history of North Omaha's Miller Park. … Continue reading A History of North Omaha’s Miller Park

A History of the Town of East Omaha

Once upon a time, there was an unincorporated town of 2,400 people south of Eppley Airfield, west of the Missouri River. A school, stores, bars, churches and a large dump were fixtures in the community. Today, its almost entirely gone and memories are quickly disappearing. This is a history of the town of East Omaha...

History of Churches in North Omaha

In its first 75 years, North Omaha was home to no fewer than four Jewish synagogues, six Catholic parishes and 50 Protestant congregations. These churches reflected the community's diversity, including ethnic churches where only Italian, German, Norwegian, Danish and other languages were spoke. Within 25 years of Omaha's founding, there were also several Black churches in the neighborhood north of downtown. Following is a history of churches in North Omaha.

A History of the Florence Neighborhood in North Omaha

The history of Florence begins with the tangled clopping of horse hooves and rattling of the sideboards on beat up wagons. The story of the town begins with people leaving, people coming back, a town booming, a town shrinking, and then getting annexed into Omaha and calming down. It's a story that's still being written every day, and lately things are on the up and up!