A Biography of Justin Wayne

Justin Wayne (1979-present) of North Omaha is an African American member of the Nebraska Legislature.

Once a labor lawyer for the Union Pacific, Justin Wayne owns his own law practice now. He is a Democratic who represents the Thirteenth District in North Omaha. Formerly serving on the Omaha School Board, he is currently a volunteer on the Goodwill industries board. Mr. Wayne was born on August 27, 1979 in Omaha.

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  1. Dear Mr. Wayne; I am seeking support for a man that I recently found out about. He’s 21 years into a life sentence that there is actual proof that the court didn’t use to protect him of his rights. This man is innocent. Help me find a way to find justice for him and give him back his life. His name is Daryle Duncan. Ne State. Penitentiary
    Thank you
    Laurie Cunningham
    Lauriecunningham 91@ yahoo.com


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