Go Minne Lusa!

You may be aware of my appreciation for the Minne Lusa neighborhood. In addition to writing about one of its lost landmarks and the ultimate roadway to the neighborhood, I like the houses there a lot, the history of the place, and the people who live there today.

Following is a note from the Minne Lusa House on facebook, where they’ve been spearheading the movement to preserve the neighborhood’s landmarks by establishing the Minne Lusa Historic District:

This is the top portion of a 31 page registration form for Minne Lusa to be put on the National Register of Historic Places. Months of work has gone in to this by Jennifer Honebrink of Alley Poyner Macchietto Architecture. Jennifer will be speaking about this registration at our next Miller Park/Minne Lusa Neighborhood Association meeting. It is Thursday, November 7th, in the basement of Trinity Luthern Church, 7:00. Enter on south side of church. We will repost this the closer we get to the meeting. Please spread the word to any of your neighbors who might not have access to facebook.

Some other interesting links for the neighborhood include the Minne Lusa blog, the article I started on Wikipedia about the neighborhood, and another article I wrote about a little-known gem in the neighborhood. Here’s the Miller Park Minne Lusa Neighborhood Association website, too.
GO MINNE LUSA! I fully, wholly, and deeply support doing the work that’s needed to preserve and maintain North Omaha’s historic infrastructure into the future, and this is one way that’s going to happen!

Author: Adam Fletcher

I'm a writer and speaker who teaches people about engaging people. I specialize in youth engagement in communities, at home and through education. Learn more at adamfletcher.net

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